About Mangalam Seeds

Our R&D department is started with specific objectives, that is

  • To asses yield and quality limiting factors/genes in well adopted varieties/hybrids of major crops.
  • To find out desirable characters/genes from available genetic material.
  • To transfer well identified beneficial genes to popular variety in place of undesirable genes and finally to develop varieties/hybrids having good yield. e.g. transfer of non shattering genes in psyllium crop, blight and gamosis resistance genes in fennel crop, intersex genes in castor crop,six locule genes in sesamum crop, fast growing genes in fodder bajara , dwarf genes in fennel, late and early maturing genes in mustard crop, Compact and long spick in castor female etc.
Quality Control

Company provides foundation seeds to the seed producers, which are developed under direct supervision of breeder and technical supervisors. Well experience & technical staff visits seed production plots periodically and advise to producers for making best quality seeds. Standard sampling procedure follows for withdrawing representative samples from produce of individual producers/ farmers. Then all lots undergoes for quality test i.e for germination, physical purity & genetic purity test. Pass/standard lots as per existing seed act are used for processing, packing and marking.